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Reading Material and a website

I work at a library. I LOVE working at the library...I get first peek at a lot of new books that come through.

I also love reading success stories, inspirational and encouraging stories and anything that involves losing weight, keeping it off and staying fit.

One book that I just finished reading that I want to recommend is finally thin! by Kim Benson (http://kimbensen.com).

If you subscribe to the WW newsletters, read WW magazine, or been to the WW website, then I know you have seen Kim at least once before. She lost 212 lbs and kept it off. She writes about her long journey and gives tips to help you start and continue on your weight loss journey.  In the back of the book she includes some yummy looking recipes.

I totally recommend reading this book...it always helps to read about people that have been there and accomplished their goal.

The website I want to recommend is http://www.hungry-girl.com/. Lisa is fighting the fat like the rest of us, but unlike us, has the resources to try and taste tons of products and recipes.  You can sign up for her newsletter which gives you recipes for lighter versions of food favs, and tries out new items and rates them.  Awesome site!

Anyone else have any book recommendations or websites that some of us may not have heard about and would be interested in?


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