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Weight Watchers for those over 30

Losing weight while making the journey pleasant.

For Weight Watchers over 30
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Welcome to the over 30 Weight Watchers community! Anyone can join, no matter what age, however this community is geared to those losing weight on Weight Watchers who are over the age of 30 and may have difficulty with certain aspects of weight loss, fitness, exercising and diet that comes with being over 30.

This community is not affiliated with WW in any way.

Please be respectful and courteous to other members and try to keep as close to on topic as possible.

Anyone is welcome to post an auction they may have of the clothing they outgrew. It is sometimes easier and cheaper to get stuff on ebay as we go down in sizes. Restocking our closets can be expensive, especially for people who work and need specific clothes to wear.

However, spamming won't be tolerated in this community. Posting once or twice in a month about an auction is acceptable...every 3rd day is not. Anyone who takes advantage of the niceness and consideration of this community's members, will be warned...once.

If they still take choose to take advantage, I will not hesitate to ban them. Anyone whose only posts are for the purpose of spamming will be banned immediately.

Every Wednesday is NSV Wednesday. NSV=Non scale victory, which means, in essence a victory in your weight loss journey that didn't involve seeing lower numbers on the scale but made you feel so good and proud of yourself. Sometimes a NSV will gives us that little boost of self-confidence when the scales aren't really moving.

This community is maintained and moderated by: ladyfay.

This community is also co-moderated by annnettte and miss_meryl.

Maintainer contact info: amazon218@yahoo.com