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Hit a plateau?

Been going along nicely with just a few bumps along the way, but now you find you have stalled a bit, or worse backslid some? This may be a plateau which is common among people who are following a weight loss program.

Some things that may kick start your weight loss:

-Use your tracker if you have been slacking...you may not be accounting for all the BLT's (bite, lick, taste) in a day.
-Look over your past week's tracker. How many filling foods are you eating? Does it seem as if you aren't eating enough of those? Add more.
-Have you fallen into a routine of what you eat daily? Add new foods, be daring and have something higher in protein for breakfast rather than your old standby.
-Exercising regularly, but the exercises have gotten routine? Try something new, sometimes just a little change can make a big difference.
-Not using your WPA or using all of them weekly? Either use more or less according to how you have been using those extra points...you'd be surprised that it really does make a difference.
-Slacking on measuring? When we have been doing this awhile we tend to rely on eyeballing measurements. Take a week or two and diligently measure and weigh, you may be startled how off you are. Remember it works both ways, you could be under measuring just as easily as over.

Try some of the above tips and see if that helps any...but remember to relax and not stress about the numbers on the scale. Sometimes the weight loss shows in inches after losing for a while in pounds. The body doesn't seem to like doing both at the same time at times.

Have a great week!


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