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Hello and how are you?

Hello to everyone. I am not sure if anyone remembers me, I have been remiss in my duties as owner of this wonderful community and I hope to rectify that soon. Luckily I have two wonderful moderators, </a></b></a>annnettte and </a></b></a>miss_meryl who have been maintaining this community in my absence and doing a fabulous job!

My story so far:

Started WW on 1/6/04 at 251.4 and hit goal on 11/15/05 at 165.4 with a weight loss total of -86 lbs.

On 1/3/06 I hit lifetime and felt great. Then both my aunt and husband got seriously ill and I lost my way.

Here I am after a couple of restarts and stops to say I am back and staying...and all who are reading are invited to come to LI and KICK MY ASS should I ever lose my way again.

New start date: 12/16/08
New start weight: 226

Last Tuesday's weight: 217
Weight lost since restart: -9
Total lost since 1/04: -34.4

Slow going but it's going...the only thing I am proud of is I stopped the gain at 226 and did not go above that and won't.

Exercising is going to be a challenge after my operation on June 3rd on my ankle. I will be in a cast for 2 months or so. 

But hopefully my biceps and triceps will look fantastic! lol!

Awesome New Workout Routines

Hey Ladies,

I just downloaded a couple of these dance routines from these widgets and they are really fun to do in my living room. You should give em a shot and pass on the love if they work for you...

I hope you likey!!

Dance and Be fit Series

Bollywood Series

Shiva Rea Yoga Trance Dance

core in toronto

anyone else in toronto?
i am currently doing core and hate eating at chain restaurants when i live in such a diverse and yummy indie resto city. does anyone have interesting core dining out in Toronto suggestions?

Here are my faves:
The Healthy Greek (Queen and John St.) - salad (by weight) and a side order of potatoes
Ho Su (Queen and John or Yonge and Eglinton) - brown rice sushi
The Rice Bowl (Kennsington Market) - brown rice bowl or quinoa bowl
Gaby's (Bloor and Avenue Rd.) - Ultimate or Smoked Salmon salad
Cultures - tri-salad combo
Lettuce - veg soup with whole wheat pasta; veg soup with barley; grilled veg salad without goats cheese

Core + points
Lalibela (Bloor and Ossington) - Veggie Platter (count for butter (3) and for injera (1))

I know this is very specific, but I figure it's worth a shot.

making adjustments

now that i have one WW week behind me, i'm starting to look at where i can shave points here and there. i'm doing Core, and those extra 35 points per week really add up quickly... just using sugar-free vanilla creamer in my coffee every morning takes up 7 of those 35. eek! so i'm looking more closely at little modifications -- like, instead of using that vanilla creamer, i bought fat-free half & half (0 points!) and will add some vanilla extract and splenda to it. same thing, but i just saved my self enough points to have an actual treat instead. :)

another thing someone posted on one of the WW message boards that i totally love now as an evening treat: heat a mug of skim milk in the microwave, and steep a vanilla chai tea bag in it... then add a packet of sugar-free cocoa mix. oh wow, YUM. plus it's Core and you get one of your servings of milk in!

so, what substitutions have you made on WW that work well?

core-friendly snacks

hi everyone! i'm looking for snack suggestions... core-friendly snacks that are easy to take to work. any thoughts? i went snack-less yesterday, and by lunchtime i was ready to do illegal things to a brownie in the cafeteria.

BTW -- an egg fried with butter spray + grits with a little bit of fat-free cheddar melted in = AWESOME core breakfast. i feel like i just ate a decadent meal but it was all on plan. w00t!

is anyone out there?

hi y'all, newbie here. apologies in advance to those in other WW communities where I'm x-posting.

I'm starting WW again. I have done it a number of times. I am trying to get in a WW at Work group but people keep dropping out before we can get a meeting started, so I decided I'd just get started using the materials I have from before. Unless the work meeting starts up, I won't be going to meetings.

I went to see my doctor this summer and she's really alarmed about my weight and told me how much I should be eating and stuff. Also, I go to see a specialist every month or two for something that has *nothing* to do with my weight, and my last 2 visits with him have been him lecturing me on how I really need to lose weight and how to do it. Part of me figures the only way to shut him up is to get back on WW and get started again.

I'm going to use the Points system (probably Flex although maybe Core, I have to refamiliarize myself with this stuff). I'm probably going to use the Hacker's Diet online tools to track things since I already have an account there, but I'll have to figure out points separately if I do that.

Here's where I need help. My doctor told me given my height (5'2") and weight (211) I should be eating 1500-1700 calories a day and 56g of fat (the "right kind of fat," of course). She's about my height and probably slimmer than I am but she seems to be doing some kind of plan or at least know something about it because she was talking specifically about what she does in order to get her correct amount of fat in her daily diet.

I want to do what my doctor said, but I can't reconcile that with the points system. I recall from before that points are about 50 calories per point. But I could eat 30-34 points a day but still not get anywhere near that fat intake amount. Does anyone know how to figure out how to combine "you need to eat 56g of fat a day" with the Points system?

I don't believe it...

I went for my weigh in yesterday and lost 3.2 pounds. What's amazing about this is I was on a cruise last week and ate like a little hog. I ate everything I wanted to each, French toast, French fries, fish n' chips, chocolate cake. However I was eating real food and I didn't eat anything after 7pm. It's hard to do that in my real life since sometimes I don't get home until 6:30.

Spammer diet pill pyramid schemer blocked.


heathrich has been blocked and I removed her post hawking diet pills.  Spamming = not cool. 


Have a great day, Lovelies!